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Doosan pins and bushings for excavators, mini excavators and earth moving equipment. High quality alternative spare parts, stock availability for prompt delivery. We have pieces for over 80 Doosan models.

Spare parts Doosan

R.B. has been committed for over 20 years to offer you high quality Doosan alternative spare parts for earth moving equipment at the best price.


To date we cover more than 80 models of Doosan excavators and mini excavators, to discover all models click here.


Our offer includes a wide selection of pins and bushings, shims, oil seals, and tipping links.


For this reason we are able to provide you, in 24/48 hours, a complete set of Doosan spare parts to cope with any type of repair.

Pins and bushings Doosan

R.B. produces alternative Doosan pins and bushings with the best materials and treatments. Our aftermarket parts offer you a perfect alternative to the original both in terms of performance and durability.


Our Doosan spare parts offer includes: bucket pins and bushings (the ones that generally wear more easily) and also pins and bushings for the other main joints such as swing, boom, arms and cylinders.


Our alternative Doosan pins are made of steel 42CrMo4 whereas the bushings are made of a special steel with controlled chemistry yoke.

Every item we produce must respect tolerance and quenching standards and undergoes a strict quality control to get you a high-quality product.

Pins and Bushings for over 80 models Doosan

With over 120 years of history, the Korean group Doosan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment. The Doosan fleet includes a wide range of products, among which the DX series crawler excavators stand out. For these machines we produce and market specific spare parts that allow us to cover over 80 different models.


Our Doosan excavator pins and bushings offering includes virtually all DX Series models. From the first series through the later DX-3, DX-5 and the new DX series 7 thus covering models such as the DX140LCR-5, DX160LC-3, DX180LC-5 up to the larger DX225LC-5 and DX255LC-5. With our Doosan alternative pins and bushings we also cover models that are no longer in production such as the Doosan-Daewoo SOLAR series such as SOLAR 130LC-V, SOLAR 150LC-V and SOLAR 250LC-V among others.


We also stock spare parts for Doosan mini excavator covering both the latest DX models from the smallest DX10Z, DX17Z up to the largest DX85R-3. Also for mini excavators we have specific spare parts for machines now out of production such as the mini SOLAR including for example the SOLAR 55-V PLUS.

Why choose our parts Doosan

1. Because our Doosan pins and bushings are Made in Italy and produced with the best materials and treatments to guarantee quality, reliability and safety;


2. Because we offer you the best value for money;


3. Because all our Doosan spare parts are available from stock for prompt delivery;


4. Because for over twenty years we have been the pins and bushings main partner for more than 2,500 companies all over Europe.


If you want to order one of our alternative Doosan spare part, you just need to give us the code of the original product or the type of the machine and the position of the piece in it.

You can send us a Whatsapp message to the number +39 331 1131636 with a picture of the pieces you need and their size. We are looking forward to working along with you.

We offer products for a great deal of achines: mini excavators or bigger machinery, new or out of production.

Names of manufacturers, codes, symbols and descriptions are mere references. Thus, the items are not intended as products of the above-mentioned manufacturers.

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