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Bronze Bushings Catalog

In order to guarantee the best performance and longest lifespan, R.B. has chosen the best materials for its bronze bushings, BRAL and SAE43.

We have more than 500 types of the most commonly used bronze bushings in stock (standard, with graphite inserts, plain bushings and bushings with holes) and we can offer a wide range of sizes. Our smallest bronze bushings have a hole of less than 16 mm, while the largest items exceed 200 mm.

If you cannot find the bushing you are looking for in the list below, contact us for the complete catalogue. If you require particular types or quantities, contact us and we will make your spare part or parts to measure (all we need is a drawing and/or sample).

25X28L30 TBZA252830TBZA
25X30L30 L253030L
25X30L60 L253060L
25X35L25 L253525L
25X35L25 L253525L
25X35L27 GFR253527GFR
28X32L15 TBZA283215TBZA
28X32L30 TBZA283230TBZA
30X34L30 TBZA303430TBZA
30X34L35 TBZF303435TBZF
30X34L35 TBZA303435TBZA
30X34L40 TBZF303440TBZF
30X34L40 TBZA303440TBZA
30X40L26 BZG304026BZG
30X40L28 BZG304028BZG
30X40L30 GF304030GF
30X40L35 GF304035GF
30X40L40 L304040L
30X40L50 GF304050GF
30X40L50 GIR304050GIR
35X38L13 L353813L
35X39L30 TBZA353930TBZA
35X39L40 TBZF353940TBZF
35X39L40 TBZA353940TBZA
35X39L45 TBZF353945TBZF
35X39L45 TBZA353945TBZA
35X39L48 TBZF353948TBZF
35X39L50 TBZA353950TBZA
35X39L43,5 TBZF353943,5TBZF
35X40L35 L354035L
35X43L30 L354330L
35X45L35 GF354535GF
35X45L35 GFR354535GFR
35X45L40 GIR354540GIR
35X45L50 GF354550GF
40X44L30 TBZA404430TBZA
40X44L35 TBZA404435TBZA
40X44L40 TBZA404440TBZA
40X44L45 TBZA404445TBZA
40X44L50 TBZF404450TBZF
40X44L50 TBZA404450TBZA
40X44L50 TBZA404450TBZA
40X44L50 TBZA404450TBZA
40X50L24 GEF405024GEF
40X50L40 GFR405040GFR
40X50L40 GIR405040GIR
40X50L45 GIR405045GIR
40X50L50 GIR405050GIR
42X48L55 L424855L
45X50L30 TBZA455030TBZA
45X50L35 TBZA455035TBZA
45X50L40 TBZA455040TBZA
45X50L40 TBZA455040TBZA
45X50L45 TBZA455045TBZA
45X50L50 TBZA455050TBZA
45X50L50 TBZA455050TBZA
45X50L50 TBZA455050TBZA
45X55L38 BZG455538BZG
45X55L42 BZG455542BZG
45X55L45 GFR455545GFR
45X55L45 GIR455545GIR
45X55L45 L455545L
45X55L50 GFR455550GFR
45X55L50 GIR455550GIR
45X55L50 BZG455550BZG
45X55L60 GIR455560GIR
45X55L60 L455560L
45X55L60 L455560L
45X55L100 GFR4555100GFR
45X55L100 GFR4555100GFR
45X55L100 GFR4555100GFR
45X55L100 GF4555100GF
45X55L110 GFR4555110GFR
45X55L110 GFR4555110GFR
50X55L30 TBZA505530TBZA
50X55L30 TBZA505530TBZA
50X55L40 TBZA505540TBZA
50X55L50 TBZA505550TBZA
50X55L60 TBZF505560TBZF
50X55L60 TBZA505560TBZA
50X55L60 TBZA505560TBZA
50X55L70 TBZA505570TBZA
50X60L50 GIR506050GIR
50X60L50 GIR506050GIR
50X60L50 GIR506050GIR
50X60L55 BZG506055BZG
50X60L58 BZG506058BZG
50X60L60 L506060L
50X60L65 GFR506065GFR
50X60L70 L506070L
50X60L70 BZG506070BZG
50X60L75 BZG506075BZG
50X60L44,5 L506044,5L
50X60L67,7 GF506067,7GF
50X60L74,4 L506074,4L
50X62L75 L506275L
55X60L27 TBZA556027TBZA
55X60L30 TBZA556030TBZA
55X60L40 TBZA556040TBZA
55X60L50 TBZA556050TBZA
55X60L60 TBZA556060TBZA
55X65L60 L556560L
55X65L60 L556560L
55X68L55 GFR556855GFR
55X70L67,7 GF557067,7GF
58X66L65 GI586665GI
60X65L30 TBZA606530TBZA
60X65L30 TBZA606530TBZA
60X65L40 TBZA606540TBZA
60X65L45 TBZA606545TBZA
60X65L50 TBZA606550TBZA
60X65L60 TBZA606560TBZA
60X65L65 TBZA606565TBZA
60X65L70 TBZA606570TBZA
60X65L70 TBZA606570TBZA
60X65L80 TBZF606580TBZF
60X65L100 TBZF6065100TBZF
60X65L120 TBZF6065120TBZF
60X70L40 L607040L
60X70L51 L607051L
60X70L51 L607051L
60X70L52 GIR607052GIR
60X70L60 GFR607060GFR
60X70L60 L607060L
60X70L65 GFR607065GFR
60X70L65 GFR607065GFR
60X70L67 GF607067GF
60X70L75 GFR607075GFR
60X70L75 GIR607075GIR
60X70L88 GF607088GF
60X70L88 GFR607088GFR
60X70L100 GFR6070100GFR
60X72L90 L607290L
60X75L35 GF607535GF
60X75L55 GFR607555GFR
60X75L55 BZG607555BZG
60X75L65 L607565L
60X75L65 BZG607565BZG
60X75L75 BZG607575BZG
60X75L90 GFR607590GFR
63X73L59 L637359L
65X70L45 TBZA657045TBZA
65X70L50 TBZA657050TBZA
65X70L60 TBZA657060TBZA
65X70L70 TBZA657070TBZA
65X80L72 GFR658072GFR
65X80L75 BZG658075BZG
65X80L85 BZG658085BZG
65X85L100 GFR6585100GFR
65X85L100 L6585100L
69X82L80 GEF698280GEF
70X75L40 TBZA707540TBZA
70X75L40 TBZA707540TBZA
70X75L45 TBZA707545TBZA
70X75L50 TBZA707550TBZA
70X75L60 TBZA707560TBZA
70X75L65 TBZA707565TBZA
70X75L70 TBZA707570TBZA
70X75L70 TBZA707570TBZA
70X75L80 TBZA707580TBZA
70X75L100 TBZF7075100TBZF
70X80L75 GF708075GF
70X80L104 GF7080104GF
70X82L65 GFR708265GFR
70X82L75 GFR708275GFR
70X82L80 L708280L
75X80L40 TBZA758040TBZA
75X80L50 TBZA758050TBZA
75X80L60 TBZA758060TBZA
75X80L70 TBZA758070TBZA
75X80L80 TBZA758080TBZA
75X90L82 L759082L
75X90L82 L759082L
80X85L40 TBZA808540TBZA
80X85L40 TBZA808540TBZA
80X85L50 TBZA808550TBZA
80X85L60 TBZA808560TBZA
80X85L70 TBZA808570TBZA
80X85L80 TBZA808580TBZA
80X85L80 TBZA808580TBZA
80X85L95 TBZA808595TBZA
80X85L100 TBZF8085100TBZF
80X85L100 TBZA8085100TBZA
80X95L80 L809580L
80X95L80 BZG809580BZG
80X95L100 GFR8095100GFR
80X100L81,5 GIR8010081,5GIR
80X112L70 L8011270L
85X90L50 TBZA859050TBZA
85X90L60 TBZA859060TBZA
85X90L70 TBZA859070TBZA
85X90L80 TBZA859080TBZA
85X90L90 TBZA859090TBZA
85X100L70 GFR8510070GFR
87X100L50 GFR8710050GFR
87X100L60 GFR8710060GFR
87X105L50 GFR8710550GFR
87X105L60 GFR8710560GFR
87X105L70 GFR8710570GFR
90X95L40 TBZA909540TBZA
90X95L40 TBZA909540TBZA
90X95L50 TBZA909550TBZA
90X95L60 TBZA909560TBZA
90X95L70 TBZA909570TBZA
90X95L80 TBZA909580TBZA
90X95L100 TBZA9095100TBZA
90X100L85 L9010085L
90X104L95 GFR9010495GFR
92X105L60 GFR9210560GFR
92X105L70 GFR9210570GFR
100X105L60 TBZA10010560TBZA
100X105L70 TBZA10010570TBZA
100X105L80 TBZA10010580TBZA
100X105L80 TBZA10010580TBZA
100X105L90 TBZA10010590TBZA
100X105L100 TBZA100105100TBZA
100X110L124 GF100110124GF
100X115L74 GFR10011574GFR
100X115L110 GFR100115110GFR
100X115L110 GFR100115110GFR
100X120L90 GFR10012090GFR
100X120L170 GEF100120170GEF
105X110L40 TBZA10511040TBZA
105X110L60 TBZA10511060TBZA
105X110L70 TBZA10511070TBZA
105X110L80 TBZA10511080TBZA
105X120L115 GFR105120115GFR
110X115L60 TBZA11011560TBZA
110X115L70 TBZA11011570TBZA
110X115L80 TBZA11011580TBZA
110X115L90 TBZA11011590TBZA
110X124L64 L11012464L
110X125L140 GFR110125140GFR
115X120L70 TBZA11512070TBZA
115X120L80 TBZA11512080TBZA
115X120L90 TBZA11512090TBZA
120X125L50 TBZA12012550TBZA
120X125L60 TBZA12012560TBZA
120X125L70 TBZA12012570TBZA
120X125L80 TBZA12012580TBZA
120X125L90 TBZA12012590TBZA
120X125L100 TBZA120125100TBZA
120X125L115 TBZA120125115TBZA
125X130L60 TBZA12513060TBZA
125X130L100 TBZA125130100TBZA
135X140L120 TBZA135140120TBZA
140X145L60 TBZA14014560TBZA
150X155L120 TBZA150155120TBZA
150X165L120 L150165120L
170X175L60 TBZA17017560TBZA
117,5X132,1L101 L117,5132,1101L

Names of manufacturers, codes, symbols and descriptions are mere references. Thus, the items are not intended as products of the above-mentioned manufacturers.

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