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Spare parts for
Ihimer 16N

Pins and Bushings are key elements for a good functioning of the joints of arms and buckets of any Mini excavator . These components in fact preside over the entire range of movements of the machine: placed in all the fundamental joints of the excavator, it is on them that the precision of the work depends.

Due to their activity, pins and bushings are subject to a natural process of wear, and for this reason they must be suitably replaced.

Our offer for this Ihimer 16N includes specific spare parts for the main joints: Bucket pins and bushings, Stay Arm, Bucket Cylinder Rod End with Tipping Link, Bucket Cylinder Case End, Arm Cylinder Rod End, Boom to Arm, Arm Cylinder Case End, Boom Cylinder Rod End, Boom Foot Pin and Boom Cylinder Case End.

We also have oil seals, shims and tipping links to be able to offer you a complete set of spare parts for your 16N Ihimer to cope with any type of repair as well.

You can request spare parts for this Ihimer 16N Mini excavator by filling out the form below and indicating the position of the pins and bushings to be replaced.

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