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Chromed Bars

A bar is a semi-finished product consisting of a steel rod, frequently used for making pins. A bar can have different characteristics both as regards the material and the treatments to which it is subjected.

R.B., who knows the world of steel well, has decided to offer the customer who wants to make his own 42CrMo4 and C45 bar pin.All our bars can be requested either by the meter (or multiples) or with cut to size.

If you are looking for ready-made pins, you can browse our dedicated catalog: you can choose from more than 2,000 variants and request, if you do not find the type you need, one or more pins according to drawing and / or sample.


42CrMo4 is one of the most popular steels for the production of mechanical parts thanks to its high level of resistance to wear and fatigue.

R.B. offers 42CrMo4 bars already hardened, tempered and chromed, so as to make available to the customer a product ready for final processing. Many diameters are available to cover the most varied needs.


In case the customer requests a variant with respect to 42CrMo4, we also offer C45 bars, a medium carbon steel (presence from 0.21% up to 0.60%) among the most widespread in Europe thanks to its mix of resistance and ability to respond in an elastic way to external stresses, thus minimizing the risk of breakage.

We offer bars in C45 only chromed or chromed and hardened for different sizes.

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