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Oil Seals

Fields of application: bushings for excavators, mini excavators, crawler and wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, dumpers, dozers, graders and other earthmoving and construction machinery.

The oil seal is a ring made of metal, equipped with a rubberized internal part that acts as a seal. Applied to the bushing it prevents the lubricant from escaping from it, thus avoiding its damage and the related decrease in performance.

In the case of excavators, mini excavators and  earthmoving machinery, which by definition work in environments characterized by various types of dirt (construction sites, mines), the oils seal ensures that no external waste element penetrates into the bush compromising it the functionalities.


We have a complete range of grease guards for bushings from stock: the over 200 different sizes in the catalog allow us to offer the corresponding grease shield for each of the available bushings (more than 5,000).


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