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Fields of application of our shims: pins of mini excavators, crawler and wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, dumpers, dozers, graders and other earthmoving and construction machinery.

Shims, named also washers, are thin plates made of steel, nylon or bronze. They are quite simple yet essential, since they ensure the stability of the pin they are put in. Excavator shims are perfect to close the gaps and make the surface even reducing the backlash between arm and bucket of an excavator to a minimum.

The correct use of shims eliminate the gaps helping to protect the mechanical parts from wearing off and mprove the performance of the construction equipment.

With almost 1,000 different types of steel treated shims, which different sizes and height, we offer the biggest stock on the market covering all pin sizes.


Made of treated steel, our thicknesses guarantee above-average resistance, tightness and durability.

They are also straightened to offer perfect fixing and deburred in order to allow them to be handled in complete safety, even without the use of gloves.

Specific sizes and variants ( galvanized shims) can be made to measure and / or client drawings.


We have from stock and we can also make bronze or plastic shims for specific needs, sometimes preferred to the classic variant in steel.

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