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Steel Bushings Catalogue

With over 3.000 different types on stock, we have the largest selection of hardened steel bushings on the market.


Our steel hardened bushings are subjected to casehardening and tempering treatment; these treatments best enhance the characteristics of the bushings and allow them to be used in environments where particular resistance to wear and seizure is required: earth moving and agricultural machines.

Finally, the low roughness allows to decrease the friction coefficient thus improving efficiency and performance.


Please, contact us if you cannot find the bushing you need.

We can help you with our extended catalogue and we can also offering you special solutions tailored to your needs manufacturing other types of bushes on request and according to specific drawings/specifications.


Technical specifications:

our steel hardened bushings are produced with a special steel with controlled chemistry yoke with a standard of case-hardening depth set at 0,8-1mm and Hardness HRC 58-62 after grinding (finished piece).







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